Compagnia Italiana Alimenti Biologici’s Soya Steaks are the vegetarian answer for anyone who wants a healthy, natural, light and low-fat diet. Soya Steaks are vegetarian, made with non-genetically-modified soya. They are rich in protein and a source of fibre, and make for a balanced meal recommended for low-fat diets.

Light, tender and tasty, they’re perfect for creating meals for the whole family. These Steaks are easy and quick to prepare, and can be cooked in various ways: simply seared like traditional steaks and served with vegetables, or used in more complex dishes like stews, stir-fries or salads.



Rehydrated texturized soya* 56.4% (water, soya* 42.2%), water, onions*, rice flour*, natural flavourings, oat fibre, wheat gluten*, thickener: carrageenan, coconut oil*, salt, thickener: guar gum*, sunflower oil*, yeast extract*, garlic*, thickener: xanthan gum, spices*.

Organic Farming *