A classic dish from the Italian home cook’s repertoire, offered here in a vegetarian version. This stew is a complete meal rich in vegetable protein. The main ingredient is seitan, a food with a high protein content, made from wheat flour. In this recipe, it is served flavoured with peas, carrots and mushrooms. Appetizing vegetarian goodness, ready to enjoy in just a few minutes.

Weight: 250 g


Vegetables in varying proportions * (tomatoes*, peppers*, onions*, potatoes*, peas*, leeks*, celery*, basil*, garlic*), seitan* 31% (wheat flour* (gluten* 15%)), water, soy sauce* (water, soya beans*, whole wheat*, sea salt), cornflour*, yeast extract, unrefined cane sugar*, spices*, thickener: xanthan gum.

Organic Farming *