FruttaSuper Pineapple and Baobab is an organic fruit purée, with no added sugar nor preservatives, where traditional fruit is mixed with the super-fruit Baobab, in order to create a tasty and innovative product.

The Baobab, also known as the tree of life, is a tropical tree native to Africa. Its name comes from the Arabic term bu-hibab, which means “fruit of many seeds” but it is often called “The Good Giant”. Baobab is most commonly used for the flesh of its fruit,  a concentrate of vitamin C, mineral and fibers: it is perfect for super-athletes!

The product belongs to FruttaSuper line, available in doypack and cup, with super-fruits: innovative recipes in 120g doypack  and 100g plastic cups.


Apple* 79%, Pineapple* 20%, Baobab* 1%

Organic Farming *

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