Only the best fresh fruit, blended without any added sugar or preservatives. The taste of freshly picked fruit comes with all its benefits and nutritional properties, thanks to the patented cold extraction method that transforms fruit into juicy, genuine pulp.


The Italian specialists of tofu, seitan and tempeh. Compagnia Italiana has been working with passion and vocation since 1990, transforming selected, local, and also organic ingredients into tasty, healthy, practical and sustainable sources of vegetal protein.


Born in 2000, the Almaverde Bio Italia consortium is the first organic brand in Italy. Its variety of products ranges from fruit based baby food to tofu and vegan finger food ,all of it is 100% organic, unmatched in quality and variety, and the ideal choice for anybody with a weak spot for high quality plant based food.


Only selected fruit without any added sugars or preservatives. 100% plum pulp and vegetal fibers, the go-to choice to normalize your bowel movements.

Natura Nuova’s technology and quality team up with the expertise of the Opera consortium: a unique partnership of more than 1000 Italian fruit farmers specialized in growing pears, who joined forces to create the first doypack pear smoothie made of 100% Abbate pears.