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Natura Nuova staff

Is it possible to do business without resorting to the mindset of the global market?
… Is it possible to do things the right way?

Yes, it’s possible: it happens when the concept behind a company is founded on a commitment to ethics above all else.
Because it’s right to value the work of farmers, to promote local specialities, to meet consumer expectations with honesty.

Today’s increasingly conscious consumers have rewarded our commitment, and over twenty years we have received various awards for innovation and for the quality of our products made with fresh fruit and with vegetable protein, products that make it possible – and very convenient – for everyone to enrich their diets with genuine, healthy foods.

Our good practices

A summary of the Natura Nuova guidelines, extensions of the company vision:

The production process

The selection of raw materials

The quality of our products is proof of the quality of all our processes.
From the very beginning: we choose Italian raw materials from areas dedicated to organic growing, guaranteed by traceability.
In particular:

  • our fruit is not grown for industrial use, but comes from very high quality crops intended to be sold fresh but held back for purely aesthetic imperfections
  • our soybeans are 100% organic and Italian

Fruit: the first in the world to employ “cold processing”

There’s an ethical way to treat fruit, too. Natura Nuova was first in the world to employ and perfect cold processing: after the fruit is washed, sorted, peeled and cored, what’s left is the pulp, and it’s this – and nothing else, not even air – that gets made into smoothies.
So our fruit is naturally good, with its own natural flavour, texture and aroma.
All this is done in just a few seconds in an sterile environment, so added preservatives aren’t necessary.
We also don’t add antioxidants or acidifiers because the packages we have chosen, both the cups and the pouches, are effective at protecting the product from light and oxygen.

Tofu: quality, innovation and care

Once again, the primary explanation for our success is the choice of uncompromising quality.
It starts with the selection of the best Italian soybeans – mainly from Emilia Romagna – organic and of course free of GMOs. The quality of the raw materials is maintained throughout the production process, which uses the most innovative machinery for this sector found in all of Europe.
We owe the quality of the final product primarily to our specialized personnel whose know-how and artisanal commitment to their work bring out all the delicious potential of this food product, which is essential for a healthy diet.

Organic Italian Tempeh

Tempeh is without exception the most prized soy product: the beans are left whole, merely hulled, and are not processed except for being briefly cooked. The beans are then fermented to make the soy proteins easy to digest and assimilate into the body.
Tempeh has a solid, compact texture and a unique aroma and flavour: in addition to the mild notes of the soy, the fermentation process creates a flavour with notes of walnut and mushroom. We process only select Italian soybeans grown locally, mainly from Emilia-Romagna. Our soybeans are organic and therefore free of OGMs.

Seitan: a “correct” food

It was George Ohsawa, expert in macrobiotics, who coined the word Seitan to indicate a “correct” food because it can replace meat and create less pollution, but above all, “correct” because it’s accessible to everyone. Seitan is a food produced by extracting the protein (gluten) from strong wheat flour, and Natura Nuova uses only organic strong flour. It is a food high in protein, made from gluten extracted from wheat flour, boiled and flavoured with soy sauce and herbs, packaged, pasteurized in water, chilled and finally kept under refrigeration.

Organic: a Life choice

Natura Nuova offers organic products made from fruits and from vegetable proteins. Our objective is to satisfy the most informed and demanding consumers.
These consumers have often developed an all-around sense of health: healthy life in a world that we must work to make healthier. It’s a philosophy that lines up perfectly with our vision.
This was the vision that inspired Natura Nuova’s cardinal principles for Organic production: sustainable agricultural production without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, processing without artificial chemical substances and recyclable packages.

Euro foglia Natura Nuova

By the numbers

Natura Nuova has created a consortium of fruit producers in Emilia-Romagna whose members provide it with valuable contributions: the Consorzio di produttori di frutta emiliano-romagnola, which respects the rigorous rules for BRC and Bioagricert certifications. In its headquarters in Bagnacavallo and its three factories, the company counts more than 150 employees; there are 9 production lines (4 for packaged fruit, 2 for fruit smoothies in doypacks; 1 for tofu, 1 for tempeh, 1 for malts and syrups and 1 for caramelized figs) for a total of over 16,000 tonnes of raw materials processed (15,000 tonnes of fruit).

Production lines
Raw materials processed (ton.)

Natura Nuova is Green

Natura Nuova fotovoltaico

Natura Nuova has always been an environmentally concious company. With the solar energy and cogeneration systems it has installed, it produces approximately 500,000 kWh/year (200kWh/year from solar power systems, 300kWh/year from cogeneration). Production waste (apple peels, waste tofu) become secondary raw materials through synergies with specialized companies, like the cardboard which, together with aluminium, is our packaging material, all from Italian sources.

Our certifications

Since, 2001, Natura Nuova’s facility has been successfully accredited by the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) for meeting all the requirements necessary for production of food for infants.
Natura Nuova is also certified: BRC, Bio Agri Cert, Fair Trade and Kosher.

BRC food certificated

Almaverde BIO

Created in 2000, the consortium Almaverde Bio Italia is recognized today as Italy’s leading organic brand, and boasts an absolutely unmatched range of products in the sector, offered through all sales channels. Natura Nuova is one of its associate companies, a leader in the Italian food and agriculture industry and licensee of the Almaverde Bio trademark for mashed fruits and baby foods, vegan foods and plant milks.

Almaverde BIO